Origami Universe – Andrew Pang

What would most children do with a piece of paper? Draw, paint, colour, crumple it into a paper ball or turn it into a work of origami art? The latter is precisely what origami artist Andrew Pang did.

Origami is also a precious gift of art, that represents the time and the emotions we pour into it. If you are gifted with an origami creation; pause and think of the love and passion that lie behind it as well as its rich history. Using the origami concept from cranes and kites, Andrew constructs his own style of origami such as Mickey Mouse, characters from Star Wars, Spiderman, Notre Dame’s gargoyle and bespoke pieces.

Check out Andrew Pang’s bespoke origami collection at SHOUT ArtHub & Gallery, Level 2.  The collection will be available from now till 21 April 2022.